Welcome to Birds of a Feather Sessions

Connect with Like-Minded Enthusiasts: BoFs provide a relaxed setting for individuals passionate about specific topics to engage in informal discussions. These gatherings are designed for sharing ideas, addressing particular issues, or exploring new findings, whether or not they were covered during the main conference.

Flexible Scheduling: We offer up to 8 one-hour time slots per day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for BoFs, mainly in the mornings, midday and evenings outside our regular plenary sessions.

BoF sign-up will be opened on 1 November at 12PM. 

More information can be found in the welcome letter you received.

How to host a Birds of a Feather Session

Starting from Wednesday, November 1st, you can propose BoF events by submitting a proposal that includes the event's title, a brief description, a contact person and select your preferred date and timing. BoFs will be accepted on first-come first-serve basis and will be included in the program from Monday November 6th. Stay tuned for more detailed instructions and information, which will be distributed in the official BiDS welcome letter.

How to attend a Birds of a Feather Session

BoF sessions will be prominently featured in the official BoF program, complete with a list of attendees who have already subscribed to them. To join a BoF session that piques your interest, simply announce your participation by subscribing to the session.

On the day and at the specified time of the event, make your way to the designated BoF room, and bring your enthusiasm and insights to the discussion.

Please keep in mind that, due to security and capacity considerations, access to the sessions may be regulated to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all participants. Your cooperation is appreciated as we strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Stay tuned for the welcome letter, where you'll find the links for sign-up to join our vibrant BoF discussions!


On the day of the Birds of Feather

By the proposed starting time of the event, ensure you are at the dedicated room. As capacity of the room is limited, BoF organisers are instructed not to let access people, once the maximum capacity has been reached. 

Technical setup of the BoF room

In the BoF room, you can expect essential equipment for your session. This includes:

·         A screen for presentations.

·         Microphones to facilitate clear communication.

·         A speaker desk or podium for presenters to comfortably share their insights.

Please note that if you plan to connect your laptop to the presentation screen, you may need to bring your own adapter for HDMI connectivity. Ensuring you have the necessary adapter will help make your presentation run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - 

Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions

What is a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session?

A BoF session is an informal gathering of individuals who share a common interest or passion for a particular topic. It's a space where like-minded participants can engage in discussions, share ideas, and explore subjects of mutual interest in an open and collaborative environment.


How are BoF sessions different from regular conference sessions?

BoF sessions are distinct from regular conference sessions in that they do not have pre-planned agendas or formal presentations. Instead, they offer an opportunity for participants to collectively discuss topics of interest, which may or may not have been covered during the main conference sessions.


Examples of what a BoF could look like:

·         A BoF session where data scientists discuss the latest trends in machine learning.

·         A roundtable discussion on sustainability practices in big data computing.

·         An open forum initiated with a short panel discussion to exchange ideas on the future of Platform interoperability.


When and how many BoF sessions will be available?

BoF sessions are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during BiDS 2023. We offer up to 8 one-hour time slots per day to accommodate a variety of topics and interests. These sessions will not run in parallel to the main plenary sessions but during lunch breaks in the morning before the plenary starts or after the plenary closes.


How can I propose a Birds of Feather session?

To propose a BoF session, you can submit a short proposal that includes the title, a brief description of the event, and your suggested date and timing. The submission link will be available starting from Thursday, November 2nd. Proposals are accepted on first-come first-serve basis and will be added to the BoFs program on Monday, November 6th.


Can I propose a BoF session after November 6th?

Absolutely! Proposal submission for BoF sessions remains open until all available slots are taken. While the primary submission period is before November 6th, we encourage proposals even after this date if there are still time slots available. Please note that acceptance will depend on slot availability. Don't miss your chance to host a captivating BoF discussion!


How can I subscribe to attend an accepted Birds of Feather session?

You can browse the program to view the list of accepted BoF sessions and see who has already subscribed to each one. To attend a specific BoF session, follow the provided instructions for subscribing.


Are there any limitations on room occupancy during BoF sessions?

Yes, there are room occupancy limitations for BoF sessions due to security and safety reasons. If a room reaches its maximum capacity, organizers restrict access to ensure the safety and comfort of attendees.


What technical setup can I expect in a BoF room?

Each BoF room will be equipped with a screen for presentations, and microphones, making it convenient for participants to share content or facilitate discussions.


Can I propose a BoF session related to any topic?

BoF sessions should align with the general themes and interests of BiDS 2023. While there's flexibility in proposing topics, they should be relevant to the conference's focus on big data from space, data science, sustainability, and related fields.


Will the discussions in BoF sessions be recorded or shared online?

BoF sessions are primarily meant for interactive discussions and knowledge exchange. While they may not be recorded, participants are encouraged to engage actively in the discussions and potentially share insights or outcomes afterward.


We look forward to your active participation in these engaging and collaborative sessions!


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